Whether you’re toting the gang to school or soccer practice, having a car that can accommodate your crew is paramount as a carpooling parent.

Not only do you want your kids to be comfortable, but you also want a vehicle that yields excellent fuel economy and premier safety ratings to keep your precious cargo safe.

As back-to-school time is here, we’re taking a look at some other features to look for in a carpool-ready car.

  • Third row seating to accommodate more passengers.
  • Second-row captain’s chairs to allow for easier access to the third row.
  • Automatic open and close doors to help you close everyone in when your hands are full.
  • DVD system to keep the kids entertained.
  • Multiple cup holders to prevent spilled drinks for passengers who don’t have a place to put them down.
  • Leather seats for easy spill cleanup when it does inevitably happen.
  • Backup cameras so that you have help backing [...]

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Last month, Jeep celebrated its third quarter of a century in existence! A less roundabout way of saying it: its 75th anniversary.

The Jeep has obviously evolved in 75 years; however, while some elements—like its vertical-slat, seven-opening grill—remained constants, others left and came back, such as the Jeep’s round, wide-eyed headlights.

For its anniversary, Jeep created a video showcasing its design progression over its 75-year life so far— from the 1941 Willys MA to the modern Jeep Wrangler. Check it out at the link below!

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It happens.

Curbs jump out at us sometimes when we are driving and we least expect it. Who knows why they do it, but as drivers, we have to know what the implications are of curb-to-car contact.

Whether slick roads or sheer inattention caused it, hitting a curb can cause a slew of issues—some of which can mean major repairs for you however minor the impact seemed.

Here are a few potential issues you may encounter from hitting a curb:

  • Altered alignment. Hitting a curb can knock your vehicle out of alignment. If you suspect this may have happened, find an empty parking lot and try to drive the car slowly in a straight line. If the front end has been damaged, the steering wheel will not point straight.
  • Bent rims. Back and forth wobbling of the steering wheel at low speeds or a vibration at high speeds could mean your rims are bent.
  • [...]

As summer showers pop up here and there in the South, the last thing you want is to be caught in the rain with a pair of windshield wipers that is not doing its job.

So what’s the issue if the wipers are not working properly?

If your wipers are failing to move back and forth on their high speed setting, you probably need a new wiper motor. If your wipers are stopping in whatever position they’re in when you turn them off, this is also an indication that a bad motor could be the culprit.

You can get a wiper motor for less than $100, or even less if you know how to scour a junkyard to find one.

Worn blades are another issue to watch out for. If your wipers are smearing water in both directions, your wipers may be worn or dirty—and either way they’ll need replacing.

In addition, no windshield wiper [...]

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Today’s vehicles have the ability to equip drivers with access to technology right at their fingertips without them having to remove their hands from the wheel.

UConnect, available for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram, is a hands-free communication system allowing you to use Bluetooth technology via your mobile phone while your eyes stay on the road.

UConnect includes phone integration with your navigation, entertainment and voice command systems. Phone features include wireless charging, hands-free calling and voice text reply, Bluetooth streaming, do not disturb and contact syncing. Identify points of interest or traffic patterns with the UConnect navigation system.

Also, UConnect Access takes it a step further by allowing you to personalize your in-car experience even more. UConnect Access gives you the ability to start your engine from your smart phone, lock your door from hundreds of miles away, find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot, keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle [...]

The horn is a funny but important function on a car.

Essentially, it acts as your means of communication to the other vehicles around you in traffic. It allows you to convey messages and “talk” to the other cars in horn-speak, since English is obviously not an option. Though within the confines of your own vehicle you may try to say, “Thank you” or less choice phrases ending in “you” to the other cars around you, let’s face it—they can’t hear you. So the horn it is.

The critical point to remember about a car horn is that it should never be used gratuitously. This is both for yours and your fellow drivers’ benefits. If you constantly honk at others for no reason, then you could be distracting other drivers unnecessarily and worst case scenario—you could cause an accident. Also, if you honk too much for no reason, then it takes the satisfaction out of [...]

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